Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Sometimes couples who feel they are on a level playing field, but find it hard to speak with each other constructively on a particular subject, wish to try mediation.

Mediation is particularly useful if you want to agree the arrangements for children and financial matters with your separating partner, former partner or spouse avoiding the court process.

Mediators cannot provide legal advice but can facilitate discussion between parties and if any level of agreement can be reached, will thereafter encourage you to consult with your solicitor for advice if necessary and to draft the relevant legal documents to reflect your agreement and make it binding.

Arbitration was launched in February 2012 and offers an alternative way to resolve financial family law disputes outside of court. In 2016, the first children related case was decided through arbitration.

The suitability of mediation and arbitration referrals can be discussed and arranged through Kumari Dawood.