Litigants in Person

Many litigants now prefer to deal with their own case because:

  • The legal process has been made more user friendly and simplified
  • Information is available through the internet

This is a sign of right to justice being more accessible to the public and a positive development.

However, it is also a well known fact that some people find the process daunting and complex, need guidance at the more advanced stages or run out of steam.

For others, representing themselves is less to do with preference and more to do with lack of affordability.

At Dawoods, we are willing to provide our services:

  • at “one-off” consultations when you merely require our help and guidance using our hourly rates. These could include assisting you with completing documents and court forms
  • on a fixed fee basis for all or part of a case, if possible.
  • with you undertaking some of the drafting and preparation yourself to keep your costs to a minimum whilst spreading payments over affordable monthly instalments.


  • through full representation if at any stage in the process you decide that you simply cannot take the risk of being unrepresented or find the process too stressful.

Your Initial Consultation and Legal Fees

We are able to offer you an initial fixed fee consultation which will include a free half hour. This will be with Kumari Dawood. The fixed fee will vary depending on the depth of advice required and duration of the consultation.

At the very outset and at various relevant stages of our involvement in your case, Kumari Dawood will advise you on the likely costs and how they can be kept to a minimum.

We do not undertake legal aid work.