About You

You could be: engaged to be married, living with a partner or about to start cohabiting, a wife, a husband, a civil partner, a child’s guardian or a grandparent requiring advice or representation on any of the following - a pre-nuptial agreement, separation, divorce, cohabitation, children related issues, financial settlement matters or domestic violence.

By the time you decide to contact us, you might be unsure of how to proceed, confused and worried about your rights, your entitlements, your obligations towards a spouse or partner, concerned about the future of your children or a combination of these.

We are able to assist you by - providing supportive, sensible expert advice on your rights and entitlements, drafting legal documents as may be necessary, engaging in negotiations on your behalf and when required representing you in court proceedings. If the issues relate to children you can rely on Dawoods to join you in making them your priority.

Whilst we specialise in legal issues arising from relationship breakdown, we are always delighted when our clients are able to reconcile and work together at any level.

Do contact us to take advantage of our free half hour consultation for initial guidance or longer fixed fee meeting for more in-depth advice.

Your Initial Consultation and Legal Fees

We do not undertake legal aid work.