Divorce and Separation Specialists

Dawoods Solicitors are experts in dealing with divorce and separation and the full range of family law matters that arise in such situations.

You may be considering a separation, already separated, be about to start divorce proceedings or you may have received a divorce petition from your wife or husband.

With over 27 years experience dealing with divorce cases, Kumari Dawood is able to provide advice on the legal aspects and help you decide on the course that is most suitable to you.

If you are considering a separation or a divorce we are here to help.

Every case and every client is different. We provide a highly skilled and personalised, tailor-made service to suit your individual circumstances, steering and supporting you through an emotionally traumatic time. The process is an essential part of our job and we do our best to help you re build your life and start afresh.



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International Divorce

If you are living abroad but have ties with the UK or your spouse lives in the UK, we will be able to help with divorce and related financial matters or arrangements connected with your children.

For more information, guidance and advice, please email or call us. Alternatively, you could complete an initial enquiry form to arrange a consultation.