Child Arrangements

Often, the most difficult and upsetting subject that separating and divorcing couples face is the arrangements they need to make for their children.

Despite the differences that have arisen between the parents, we all agree that it is important to ensure that the children maintain a healthy and positive relationship with both parents.

To facilitate this, issues connected with children have to be handled sensitively and insightfully, with the overall happiness and wellbeing of the children being the main focus. Wherever possible, these issues should be resolved away from the courts.

Due to extensive experience and her particular interest in the subject, Kumari Dawood is able to provide specialist advice, perceptive guidance and expert representation.

Although parents are usually the best people to look after the child’s interests, some situations connected with children can be complex due to emotional and psychological issues, special needs, family history or other individual circumstances. In such situations the help of other child experts such as counsellors, family therapy, educational and child psychologists, CAHMS (Child and Adolescent mental Health Services), CAFCASS (Children and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service) may be necessary or desirable.

Kumari has the expertise to identify such needs and provide the required support and referrals when required.