Domestic Violence

Circumstances involving any form of domestic abuse - whether physical, sexual, emotional, mental or psychological and any other harassing behaviour requires urgent attention.

It is important to seek the assistance of the police immediately and without delay if you consider your life or that of someone else living with you to be in danger.

In most instances even if there is no immediate threat to life you may at least need to obtain advice from a solicitor. Dawoods will prioritise your needs in these situations to protect you and any children living with you from the person inflicting the abuse. That person is usually someone you currently live with or have lived with in a domestic relationship – such as a husband, wife, partner or even an older child.

It is important to overcome the fear and embarrassment which most people in such situations experience, resulting in cover ups to protect the other party, misplaced loyalty and living with unacceptable circumstances.

If you decide to bring the matter into the open and seek legal advice it may be possible to resolve a situation without court action. Frequently, however, you will need the protection of an emergency court order to protect you from further harm.

Kumari Dawood will help you take charge of the overall situation and advice and represent you in protecting your rights to occupy a property, excluding the other party from a property for your safety and securing maintenance for you and any dependent children residing with you, if relevant.