Living Together

In modern society, more and more people opt to live together and also to have children together without getting married. The law relating to cohabitation is complex and very different to the law applicable to married couples and provides less financial security in the event of relationship breakdown.

To ensure that your legal rights connected with property, finances, inheritance and arrangements relating to children are secure and protected from the outset, we recommend that you enter into a cohabitation agreement with your partner to record your intentions.

More often than not, there are situations where you have already been living together without any written agreement. Subsequently, if you decide to go your separate ways but you are unable to agree with each other on how to share a specific asset or make provision for a child of the relationship, we can help by advising on your rights, negotiating a settlement, arranging mediation or as a last resort apply to the court to address these matters.

The law for cohabiting couples often involves the application of complex principles of trust law and it is important to obtain legal advice relatively early in the process to ensure that you protect your rights from the very outset and in any negotiations you may have with your partner.